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Do Bath Repair Kits really work?

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Prestige Bath Repairs tested the market leading bathware repair kits available online.

  • These kits are easily found throughout the web, they claim to include everything you need to repair chips, cracks, and other types of damage to your bathroom suite. When we looked at the contents of a typical product, this was not usually the case.

  • They may seem like a cheap, quick and easy solution, but these kits have major drawbacks. The process is long winded and messy, and the results will not be as durable or permanent as those completed by a specially trained professional. Bath repair kits cannot repair severe damage or large cracks that can affect the stability and structure of a bath, sink or shower tray.

  • Bath repair kits will not match the colour of your bath. Some manufacturers offer only two or three different types of white bath coating, which is simply not enough to colour match the thousands of shades of white needed in reality. Most importantly, if your suite is not treated with the correct product, shop bought kits could cause permanent damage.

  • If you still want to try and use a DIY bath repair kit then go for it. If it doesn’t work out you can still call Prestige to restore your suite safely, to the highest possible standard, with a minimum of fuss, hassle and mess.

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Bubbles and Foam
Bath Chip Repair

Prestige professional technicians repairs versus DIY bath repair kits.


  • Bath repair kits will not repair large or deep cracks, you will have a repair that has a poor finish and won’t last.

  • The bonding/adhesive agent used is not usually strong enough to hold the new enamel on the surface for long periods of time.

  • A Prestige professional bath technician can precisely match both the finish and colour of your bath.

  • Our repairs will last for years as the repair will be carried out correctly.

  • If you're looking for a repair that will last for years, call a Prestige professional who will guarantee all repairs with our free 12 month warranty.

Bath Chip Repair

  • No bath repair kit offers customers guarantees, and if the repair kit fails, it will be your problem.

  • Repair kits only provide a few colours and shades of white. Usually, this is not the correct shade of white for your surface. 

  • Prestige professional bath refinishers will customise the precise colour and finish of your bath to match your resurfacing colour preferences.

  • Our Technicians have a vast array of colours and are able to match colours on-site using our expertise to match any colour, testing as we go.

  • You can choose from a variety of colours and finishes, including glossy, matt, and textured.

  • No discolouration over the duration of treatment. No mess, no hassle & cost effective.

  • Prestige will revitalise, repair and enhance your bath, sink or shower tray so it looks like new.

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    Our typical Step-by-Step bath repair process.

    • Thoroughly inspect the damaged area and we decide the best way to repair your bath, sink or shower tray.

    • High quality adhesive which is applied over the damaged area. This will make the newly applied enamel firmly stick.

    • Fill the crack, hole or chip with a special filler for these fixtures.

    • Let the treated area dry and harden.

    • Sand the area and smooth it off until it’s of the same contour and blending with the required surface.

    • Mix and make up the enamel colour on the to match the unit. This stage takes patience, and we have perfected this process over years of experience. 

    • We use a our own adhesive agent again over the filler to create extra strength in bonding our new enamel surface.

    • Spray on the enamel coating with a domestic air-spray gun to vanish out the repair with the matched colour we created. 

    • Let the treated area dry and cure.

    • You can use the bath or shower tray the following day after 24 hours.


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    Number One


    Five Star  Reviews

    Our 'invisible' repair services for baths, sinks and shower trays.

    Prestige Bath Before and After

    Prestige are your bath tub crack repair, bath chip repair & bath rust repair specialists, we offer all types of services including:

    • Acrylic bath chip repair

    • Acrylic bath crack repair

    • Acrylic bath scratch repair

    • Plastic bath scratch repair

    • Ceramic bath repair

    • Bath enamel chip repair

    • Fix cracks in bathtubs

    • Bath scratch repairs

    • Bath hole repairs

    • Bath crack repairs

    • Bath chip repairs

    • Bath rust repairs

    Prestige Shower Tray Before and After

    Prestige are your shower tray crack repair & shower tray chip repair specialists. We also offer a wide range of other repair services including:

    • Chip in shower tray

    • Shower tray enamel repair

    • Shower tray hole repair

    • Repair hairline crack in shower tray

    • Repair shower tray crack

    • Shower tray scratch repair

    • Acrylic shower repair

    • Cracked shower tray

    • Plastic shower tray repair

    • Fibreglass shower chip repair

    • Enamel shower tray repair

    • Shower tray crack repair

    • Shower tray chip repair

    Prestige Sink Before and After

    Prestige are your sink chip repair & sink crack repair specialist. We also offer a wide range of other services including:

    • Porcelain sink chip repair

    • Enamel sink chip repair

    • Sink scratch repair

    • Porcelain sink crack repair

    • Crack in sink

    • Ceramic sink scratch repair

    • Hairline crack in sink

    • Ceramic sink crack repair

    • Corian chip repair

    • Cracked bathroom sink repair

    • Porcelain sink hole repair

    • Sink crack repair

    • Sink chip repairs

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    Number One

    Prestige bath repairs operates a fully guaranteed invisible repair service throughout

    London and the South East.


    Contact us now for your Free, no obligation estimate:

    Telephone: 07869 802385


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    Fully Guaranteed services

    Prestige Bath Enamel Repairs give you complete peace of mind.

    Please call us today : +44 07869 802385

    All Prestige repair services includes a Free12 month warranty* which starts from the day job has been completed. Our warranty covers flaking, peeling, any general failure of adhesion to the surface, subject to the following conditions: No abrasive cleaners are used on any bathroom suite surfaces. Physical damage such as chips and scratches or mistreatment are not covered. Staining caused from chemicals or dyes, is specifically excluded. Heat exceeding 100 degrees or direct flame. Problems caused from excess moisture, structural conditions or movement of the fixtures.

    Read Warranty Statement Here

    • Based in the South East, Prestige offers all our customers fully guaranteed work and complete peace of mind you can trust.

    • All our work is fully and professionally insured.

    • Health & safety compliant with accreditations through Safe Contractor, CHAS & CSCS.

    • A huge range of standard colours to colour match precisely or for a complete respray.

    • Detailed aftercare and cleaning instructions supplied after repair.

    • We operate on a no mess, no fuss, no intrusive process. The Prestige team will have your bathroom back in service within 24 hours. 

    • Fixed price repairs supplied in advance.

    • Repairing and restoring your sanitary ware is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to a full bathroom suite replacement.

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    Customer Reviews
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    What our customers say about Prestige
    Bath Enamel Repair.

    John, Colchester,
    Bath Tub Chip Repair.

    Prestige undertook a full bath cleaning and restoration project as my bath had chips everywhere. Once they were finished I could not believe the results. A truly amazing transformation!

    Stuart, Chelmsford,
    Shower Tray Scratch Repair

    I had a large chip in my shower tray and scratches in the sink, Prestige did a wonderful job re-enamelling both. They now both look like  new and feel silky smooth. I Would highly recommend them to everyone .

    Louise, Southend-on-Sea,
    Cracked Sink Repair

    Prestige have amazing technician's, who  were polite, punctual, clean. They were a real pleasure to have working in our home. They have made our badly damaged sink look  new. I would highly recommend Prestige Bath Repairs.

    Prestige Google Reviews
    Google Reviews
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    We operate our repair service all over the South East including: London, Essex, Hertfordshire,Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire and Cambridgeshire

    Prestige Bath Enamel Repairs,

    66 Glebelands Close, Finchley, 

    London, England, United Kingdom.

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    Telephone: 07869 802385

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